The Harlan County Ridge Runners ATV Club is based in coal fields of Southeastern Kentucky in the town of Evarts, Kentucky named the "BIRTH PLACE OF ADVENTURE TOURISM". Our Club is over 500 members strong, and our creed is to tread lightly, keep the forest free from liter and to preserve the environment.

Recently the Harlan Co. Fiscal Court leased over 8,000 acres of reclaimed coal land to create an Off Road Adventure Park. With another 72,000 acres of off park trails to ride with easy, moderate, and extreme trails.

These roads at one time made money for our county and now can do the same as a tourism park. The new Off Road Park is open to ATV's, UTV's, Dirt Bikes, Trucks/Jeeps, and future expansion for horseback riding and hiking.

Our biggest asset is our people here in the mountains. They are very friendly and as an ATV Club we welcome our out of town guests to enjoy our part of the ATV World. Our town is ATV friendly, you may ride your toy thru the streets of Evarts only, go slow, obey all laws, wear a helmet and you will have no problem accessing gas, food, supplies, bank ,and lodging.

Some of our visiting riders have ridden all over the Untied States and have posted here that our trails and scenery are second to none. Vist our event link and pick out one or more events or rides to come visit with us. Please Drive safetly.

All Off Road Parks must be governed by rules and laws, safety for sure comes first, but the two main rules of the club is:
rule no.2 Don't ever forget rule no.1

For a Club Application, click here.

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