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Ride Reports

Ramp Fest 2013

Post your ride reports, flix and pix after you have rode with us.

Ramp Fest 2013

Postby reily bunch » Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:38 pm

Ramp Fest for me started Thursday after work bike was packed a beautiful warm day for a 300 mile ride on the scooter,...rolled in to camp around 9:20 was a good turn out already around a roaring fire...a few new faces some ole ones..
Had two groups of riders that wanted to go out on fri for a ride I'm always up for an adventure...but about 3 in the morning the rain gods came calling woke up to 3-4 inches of water in campground and monsoon till late morning,so I stayed around campground help with things,
Joe and Harry got in Wednesday they were on ramp guard duty I think,ole Bud came in thurs.
Sand dog showed up helped her set up for the Ledford family. Shannon has it
Low and behold BIlly&Harley Tutor pulled in. Was good to see them,they haven't changed..
Ole Blacknat showed up minus his truck or trailer and rzr,but we found him a hover round instead of a sxs.late fri.brought the Ledford clan,Robbie from sadieville, kristy and Shaun pulled up the rear around 1am..
Campfire fri. Nite was hopping,was good to see Preston and Polly,Polly brought me some of her fresh brownies :hungry: ...bunches of new faces,lot of old timers haven't seen in a while,was like ole the way the Ramp Fest t-shirts were selling like hotcakes,good move wahoo... :clap:
The ride for Saturday was set and going to Big Black ...all I was hoping that them nasty ramps would be gone by the time we got back :mrgreen:
The campground was buzzing early went and got cooker,for the food,thanks BJ,
Dale 170 was on his way in to be my tail gun ,as long as he brought me breakfast..
We left out around 9:45 I was leading a trail of 22 atv's and sxs and one Elf name Dale bringing up the rear... :santa:
Was a good ride everyone survived Benji trail,,,it gets better with age,had a rzr drop a front drive shaft cotter pins and zip ties it was good the rest of the day,a flat tire,a artic cat overheating,then the big snafu :santa: little helper lost his go pro between the highest point and the coal hall road at slope,hope it turns up for the little feller...we made our way back towards the campground for some good chow,72 miler,got back about 5,plenty of time to spare ...the ramps were being cooked,darn....rv park was packed,great turn out,food was served around 6 and it was a slow moving line,to get the grub,great deserts,soda was compliments of coke..thanks to the band for the tunes,by the the time every one got there belly full there wasn't much left,,
It was a very good turn out for another great ramp fest ,I want to thank every one that came,ate hung out and visited,new friends old ones,
But the big thanks goes out to the people that helped put this event on,from the ramp diggers
Dallas,Henry,Brandon,Vaughn ,and who ever else went and dug them...
A big hand to the cooks,tony,Shaun,kristy,Henry,Nat,rodger,Shelly, Dallas ,Vaughn ,and whoever else I am forgetting :yourock: thanks again to you all..and all the donations collected went to Christ Hands...thank you..........
And to a special thanks to my ole pal Dale for all his help.....
Until next time ride safe and come back soon.....

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reily bunch
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Re: Ramp Fest 2013

Postby Ky Kodiak » Tue Apr 23, 2013 11:56 pm

A most excellent ride report fearless leader Rob! It was good being in Evarts again, as I always look forward to seeing everyone and riding some of the best trails anywhere!!

I rolled in around 8am Saturday morning with breakfast in hand for my buddy Rob, he sent me a text just as I was comming into Harlan with his breakfast order...seems like he always knows when I am near a Hardee's :lol: I had no sooner pulled in and Bud rolled in right behind me. It sure was good to see him looking so good!! I was pleased to see there were already several peeps there and looking forward to the day's ride. There was a group of 4 from up this way that got there Friday and rode the park and really enjoyed it, and was choppin at the bit for the ride to Big Black. They were all wide eyed just like I was the first time I came. They have been talking about they experience non stop ever since and are already wanting to make a return trip!!
We had a very manageable group and we kept up a very good pace all day and with very few stops or problems. So with just hitting the highlights on the ride we made very good time and got everyone back in time to enjoy the great meal that was hot and ready to eat, thanks to all the members that stayed behind to prepare it and have it ready on time!!

The weather for the ride was near perfect and the trails were mostly wet, but like I said when we got back...I think you could ride to Big Black in a all day pouring rain, and still find dust somewhere!! LOL

Thanks again to all those that worked so hard to make Ramp Fest 2013 a Big success :yourock:

Here are my pics and video of the days ride and events.

Pics ... 33EEA!2136

2014 Kawasaki Teryx 4 800 EPS Sunrise Yellow (The Short Bus)

FaceBook ... Adventures

YouTube Video's

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Re: Ramp Fest 2013

Postby blackgnat » Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:08 am

Great reports Rob and Dale, I dont think there was anyone there that didnt have a good time. There was riding, cooking, eating, music, and most of all good fellowship with old friends and new ones. All in all I would say it couldnt get any better. :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Re: Ramp Fest 2013

Postby powerbomb400 » Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:13 am

Great report and really enjoyed the Ramps and food. Look forward to coming back also enjoyed the ride to Big Black.
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Re: Ramp Fest 2013

Postby WaHoo » Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:08 am

Good report from all you guys. Thanks for coming and helping out as always. For those that backed out or didn't show for whatever reason you missed a good one. Would like to thank all the Lady Ridge Runners for coming out and helping serve as well. Rob, even the Frog showed up Monday night and bought a couple of the shirts, only a few left. Once again Thanks to all for coming and making it another successful event.
Bill Troutman,
Harlan County Ridge Runners ATV Club

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