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Harlan County Ridge Runners ATV Club


September Meeting 2016

All club minutes, votes, talk from our meetings.

September Meeting 2016

Postby WaHoo » Fri Sep 09, 2016 11:55 am

Meeting was held at the North Evarts RV Campground.
Meeting was opened in prayer by Henry Shackleford.
Minutes from last meeting were read, motion was made by Roger Webb to accept the minutes, second by Vaughn Daughtry. Minutes approved by voice vote.

Finance report was given for July and August, motion made by Dallas Gilbert to accept Finance report, second by Bob Cornett, finance report approved by voice vote.

A number of items were discussed including Kops for Kids fishing outing and Shriners Horse show, hoping to pick up a copy of the Shriners program, also discussed the pull sled.

With yearly election coming up in October the Nominating committee will consist of Dallas Gilbert, Henry Shackleford and Roger Webb. If you wish to nominate someone please contact one of these fellows. All offices will be open and nominations will be taken on the floor before the vote.

A motion was made to purchase a new axe for the campground. Motion was made by Dallas Gilbert, second by Roger Webb. Vote by voice approved to buy new axe.

With no futher business to discuss the meeting was closed in prayer by Henry Shackleford.

Next meeting and election of officers for 2017 will be held October 13, 2016 @ 7:00 pm.
Bill Troutman,
Harlan County Ridge Runners ATV Club

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