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September 2015 Meeting Minutes

All club minutes, votes, talk from our meetings.

September 2015 Meeting Minutes

Postby T-BOWMAN » Fri Sep 11, 2015 6:57 pm

The meeting was held at the North Evarts Campground

Meeting was opened with prayer by Henry Shackleford

Minutes from previous meeting was read and a motion was made by Roger Webb, to except the minutes, a second from Dallas Gilbert, all was in favor

Finance report was read, a motion was made by Dallas Gilbert to except the report, a second from Roger Webb, all was in favor

Bill mentioned that the club voted to purchase a banner from the elementary football team, but the school canceled the fundraiser for now, the club will check with them at a later date

Bill mentioned the clubs officers election will be held at next months meeting

Dallas talked about taking 7 different tourism directors on a tour of the park and zipline, they wanted to see first hand about the park

Next monthly meeting will be on Thursday October 8th at the campground

Meeting was closed with prayer by Henry Shackleford
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