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Ky Farm Bureau Ins.

Postby Ky Kodiak » Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:59 pm

I recieved my homeowners policy the other day for renewal, and probably would not have paid much attention to it, except that I wanted to make sure they had the new rzr on my policy. As I was looking over it I notice a single sentence tucked in between paragraphs...This is what is said.

Standard homeowners deductible $1000.

Wow! they doubled my deductible and without any other notice. Having a $1000. deductible on my home is bad enough, but that is not the worst of it! With Ky Farm Bureau your atv's are on your homeowners policy as a rider and therefore has the same deductible. Needless to say I was pissed!! I had a sit down with my agent today to let him know that was was not happy about my deductible being increased and that I wanted to lower it back to $500. He told me that the new deductible was their new standard deductible an that it could not be lowered even if I paid a higher premium. I reminded him that I had been with him and the company for 32 years, and that I didn't appreciate the sneaky way they made this change, I asked why the company had not sent out a separate notice of the change, and a reasonable answer he did not have. I reminded him that I had been a loyal customer for all these years and had paid them countless thousands of dollars in premiums and their actions would leave me no other choice, but to move my business somewhere else. So as of today I no longer have my atv's and the rzr with them, and my home and 5 vehicles will be next.

I am posting this for those of you that may have Ky Farm Bureau as your Ins. I do not know if other states like Tn. are affected by this change or not, but my advice to you is...if you have FB call your agent and find out!!!

Hopefully everyone will catch this change, before a claim is filed and they find out that their deductible has increased.
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