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Jingle Bell Ride 2014

Post your ride reports, flix and pix after you have rode with us.

Jingle Bell Ride 2014

Postby Ky Kodiak » Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:48 am

The theme for this ride was "Riding The Ridge For The Kid's" and that is just what we did!
We had a Big turnout for this years ride, with 40 machines in our group and another group that went out had 10 machines with them.
I was so happy to see so many fine people come, some driving quite aways to support this very good cause. They came with open hearts bearing toys by the arm loads and other opened their wallets to donate so that many needy children would have a better Christmas this year!!
I along with The Harlan County Ridge Runners ATV Club Thank each and every one of you for the Love & Generosity you have shown for this annual Event and to the many children that will benefit from your Gift!

The plan for the day was our usual trip to Big Black for this event, but this year due to some logging on the route we nornally take we had to take a differnt route. Well we found out right off that route was blocked by some unexpected logging as well, so by this time we decided to make up some lost time to run the hwy a short distance to Slope Hollow Rd then up to the top. But just as we started out on of the RZR's was running hot due to the fan not working. So instead of him taking it back to the campgroud on of the guides told him he could leave it at a buddys house just down the st. With that done we finally on our way.
The ride to Big Black was uneventful and a lot of fun with snow on the ground all the way up to the highest point and the radar dome where we stopped for lunch and just enjoying the day!
The second part of we dropped down lower in elevation and the snow covered trails turned to mud. We had to stop a couple of time for tree removal one flat tire and a few times for machines running hot due to all the mudholes. We rode some really good trails on our way back down the Mt. and at the end of the day, we had to finally tow one ATV back due to the fan motor not working. We ended the day back at the North Evarts RV Park and enjoyed some awesome chili, sandwiches and sweets the Lady Ridge Runners had waiting on us. It was a perfect ending to a long and cold, but Awesome day on the trails!!

Thanks to Rob for leading this adventure and Tony Bowman for bringing up the rear! We ended the day with 80 miles behind us!

Hope to see an even Bigger turnout for 2015!

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" Ride The Ridge For The Kids"
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2014 Kawasaki Teryx 4 800 EPS Sunrise Yellow (The Short Bus)

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