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Jingle Bell Ride 2013

Post your ride reports, flix and pix after you have rode with us.

Jingle Bell Ride 2013

Postby Ky Kodiak » Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:17 pm

What a great day for a ride, the weather was nice, great trails, great riders plus Snow!! Where can you beat it!

So here is my Jingle Bell Ride Report/Adventure :wink:

We pulled out from the campground with 25 machines and everyone eager to hit the trails for our planned ride to Big Black. All was going good until only about 7 miles into the trip, a brand new Can Am Commander 1000 that was behind me started sputtering...he said I think I am out of gas :shock: WHAT!! I said you did fill up before we left right! He said no, the dealer said they did...well the dealer lied, it was bone dry. :eek: I holler at Rob on the radio and said you're not gonna believe this! So Rob stopped the group and comes to our aide with his 3 gal flat pack of gas, that is not nearly enough fuel for that Commander with the 1000 engine :twitch: So needless to say our trip plans had to change. Rob said we would have to try to make it to gas station in Cumberland.
So off we head towards the highest point. We made to the turnoff from the haul road to Big Black, and I come up one one of the Honda's in the group and he has the seat off, I asked him was was the problem and he's said it's stuck in 4th gear. So I holler at Rob again and told him to hold up until we got the Honda going again. After a few minutes he got the ES to shifting again and were rolling again.
We make it to the top, and It is well after noon and everyone was hitting the coolers for something to eat & drink. Rob yells out this isn't lunch this is just a pit stop, we will eat when we get to Cumberland. So after a brief stop, we headed down the hill past the radar dome and off to find the gas station. We thought all was good until we get to the road to turn towards town, and the gate was closed and locked. So there we sit with 25 machines and a Commander sucking fumes and a lot of hungry riders. Rob takes a few minutes to consider our options which were slim to none. The only way to bypass the gate was off the side of the embankment, which was a short but near vertical drop down to the hwy. We had several ATV'S on this ride, so that meant hooking a strap to each one to keep the rear end from passing the front end going down..I know I was pucked even knowing the strap was there :lol:
So we finally make it to town and the guy in the Can Am makes a beeline for the gas pump followed by a few more needing gas, while the rest of the group invade the Hardee's.
So after everyone gets filled up and ready to ride, we find out we have at least one machine that has a bad wheel bearing and some others with less urgent issues, but issues just the same. By now it is after 3 o'clock and to ride the trails back all the way would put us in well past dark and riding in ever colder temps. So It was decided that we would travel back the hwy to save a lot of time and get the crippled machines in hopefully before dark. So down the road we go, Rob turns onto a road with a sign that said caution road may be slick, not only was it slicker than a greased door knob, but it was all uphill with some pretty sharp curves :twitch: any loss of forward momentum and you would be in trouble (right Robbie) :wink:

So after we all finally make it to the top and stopped at a crossroad. Rob ask if any in the group wanted to split from the crippled group, as Shawn & Christie offered to make the turn and hit some more trail going back. Much to my surprise about 1/2 the group wanted more riding...a hardy bunch :mrgreen: So off they go for more trails, while what's left of our group continue to limp in via the hwy. We are making good time and I was thinking about the hot food waiting for us back at the campground...then I notice some of our riders pulled off on the side of 38 only a few miles short of town. So I roll up and the guy in the big jacked up Wildcat is searching for lug nuts...Really!! Sure enough he had several missing and wasn't going anywhere fast. Somehow he came up with enough lug nuts and said he could make it back, without going for the trailer. So a few stayed with him and the rest of us headed for the campground.
Finally back I loaded up the Grizzly and headed in for some hot food and a warm fire. After eating and listening to a lot of BS I decided I needed to head out for my 5 hour drive back home. Just as I was leaving the other group showed up. It was an Awesome day of riding with some pretty Awesome folks :clap:

Can't wait to do it again!! :mrgreen:

Rob, Thanks for another unforgettable ride! :yourock:

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Re: Jingle Bell Ride 2013

Postby WaHoo » Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:25 pm

That is one of the things about coming here, never a dull moment or idea as to what may happen next. Good report Dale and Thanks. :mrgreen:
Bill Troutman,
Harlan County Ridge Runners ATV Club

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Re: Jingle Bell Ride 2013

Postby reily bunch » Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:02 pm

Great report Elf Dale was a great ride Friday and especially Saturday,had a great turn out,nice cooked dinner waiting for us when we got back thank you city of Evarts and Christy
The snow made the ride that much more enjoyable..
Thanks to the city of Cumberland for the pass thru..thanks to all that came and helped the kids out for Xmas .
Thanks a bunch to my pal Dale for tailguning,to Shaun and christy for there help and everyone else,have a great. Xmas and happy new year and we will do agin soon
Merry CHristmas
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