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Postby WaHoo » Sun Nov 29, 2015 11:20 pm

WOW, would like to take this time to give a BIG THANK YOU!!!! to all that came out and rode and helped out on the Jingle Bell ride. Sometimes people don't realize just how much goes into making an event like this come together. There are a lot of behind the scene's work that people don't know about to get it all off the ground and running, it takes more than one person to get it done and sometimes they are not thanked enough. We have always tried to do things in a first class way and make everybody a part of what we do that wanted to be a part of it. I won't start listing names as I'm sure to leave someone out but you know what you do and have done to help out at all times, but I will remind everybody that the key to it all are the Ladies that give of their time and don't fuss at us men folk for staying away from the house and also helping out in anyway they can to make these things a success. So thanks, to all that came brought Toys, and made the donations, for those that didn't get to come this year due to work, travel, or sickness or whatever, you missed a good and we hope to see you next time. Once again THANK YOU Ladies, Guides, riders and fellow Ridge Runners for your time and hard work.
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Bill Troutman,
Harlan County Ridge Runners ATV Club

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